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Wireless Components Keep Expanding

Nov. 19, 2009
As the Market's Offerings Continue to Grow, Network Engineers See New Opportunities for Applications

Wireless technology is ideal for remote measurements, explains Robert C. Jackson, senior industrial and embedded product marketing manager at National Instruments (www.ni.com). "The one area where wireless sensor networks with embedded logic might first evolve for control is embedded distributed control. In these systems, the control, for example, a PID algorithm, would execute on an embedded processor instead of over the wireless network," he says.

Wireless control is extremely promising, but its application in industry is a bit more complicated, says Eric Hollister, product sales engineer, Pilz Automation Safety (www.pilz.com). "Industry is loaded with difficult and complex moving applications where wireless I/O and control have huge potential," he says. "However, wireless technology has not yet reached a point where it is stable or reliable enough to be used for industrial control," he says.

WirelessHART, the wireless extension of the HART protocol, could go beyond just measurement and monitoring functions to handle control functions, but this would need to be limited to non-critical, non-safety applications, says Robert Schosker, product manager at Pepperl+Fuchs (www.pepperl-fuchs.com).  With wired communication there is 100% certainty that no information is lost between the controller and the field instrument, unless there is a failure in the wired lines, he says.

SENSOR NETWORKWireless sensor network (WSN) platform, a remote monitoring solution with NI LabView graphical programming software and low-power wireless measurement nodes, is an integrated solution to provide the required measurement quality, power management and reliable hardware for long-term, remote deployments. The software integrates with the battery-powered, industrial-rated NI WSN measurement nodes that can be deployed in rugged conditions. LabView also offers native Web connectivity for remote interaction with wireless systems. National Instruments800/258-7022
INTELLIGENT CELLULARIntelligent cellular solutions combine industrial cellular technology, industrial protocol templates and ALEOS persistent connection management. The devices support industrial operating temperatures and Class I, Div. 2, hazardous location certification. The modules are suited for industrial automation applications. Versions are available for both serial and Ethernet devices for CDMA- and GSM-based cellular networks.ProSoft Technology661/716-5100
SMART WIRELESSSmart Wireless field starter kit contains an out-of-the-box secure WirelessHART self-organizing network and includes any combination of five or more wireless pressure, temperature, DP level, DP flow, vibration or pH transmitters and discrete switches, a Smart Wireless Gateway, AMS Suite predictive maintenance software, wireless Snap-On for AMS Suite and Smart Start network health assessment and verification of device functionality and output to the user's Modbus, OPC, Ethernet or other communications system.Emerson Process Management800/833-8314
GATE TO THE HARTWirelessHART Gateway acts as the interface between the wired structure and wireless network. The WirelessHART Gateway contains the network management and uses it to organize and control the wireless network and connect this to a control or SCADA system, via fieldbus. The signals of the field devices are received and passed on via the appropriate bus protocol in the fieldbus.  The WirelessHART Gateway can be installed in Zone 1 areas and can serve up to 250 WirelessHART field devices.Pepperl+Fuchs330/486-0002
SMART BRIDGEMatchPort b/g Pro embedded wireless networking module includes Ethernet-to-wireless bridging and SmartRoam technology, enabling MatchPort to switch between wireless access points and bridge wired and wireline networks. SmartRoam tracks the signal strength of nearby access points to prevent disruption in the wireless connection by transitioning to the access point with the strongest signal. The module is designed to transparently bridge existing Ethernet-ready devices to a wireless network.Lantronix800/ 526-8766
WIRELESS RELIABILITYThe AWK-5222 has two independent RF modules for establishing independent wireless connections for rapid failover. The two independent RF modules are designed to give more topology choices to fit different wireless applications. In addition, it has a wireless redundancy mode to increase reliability, and its wireless bridge mode optimizes wireless distribution system. The AWK-5222's AP Client mode can be used to provide Internet access in areas where cabling would be too expensive or impractical to install. The AWK-5222 is also compliant with IEEE 802.3af, power over Ethernet (PoE).Moxa714/528-6777
WIRELESS ACCESSThe Scalance W784 line of IP30-rated wireless LAN access points includes an aluminum housing and a small footprint, allowing the access points and client modules to be either wall-mounted or panel-mounted on a 35 mm standard mounting rail. The access points support the Wi-Fi-protected access (WPA2) specification and the advanced encryption standard (AES) for 128-bit encryption, along with MAC address filtering. The access points also support the standard point coordinated function (PCF) protocol as well as industrial PCF (iPCF).Siemens Industry800/964-4114
InduraNetp features coexistence frequency management (CFM), so the system can coexist with other wireless systems in the 2.4 GHz ISM band and give immunity to interference from other wireless services. InduraNETp can be added to a new or existing I/O block without changing hardware. A maximum of 64 operational and safety input/output modules, each with two or four I/O, can be installed in any order alongside a single PSSuniversal head module.Pilz Automation Safety734/354-0272
MOBILE DATAThe Wonderware IntelaTrac system includes configurable software and ruggedized mobile hardware solutions and can be operated using smartphones, PDAs, rugged handheld computers, laptops and PCs to enhance the productivity of mobile workers. IntelaTrac is structured around a suite of components, which include software, hardware, secure wireless infrastructure and RFID technology. IntelaTrac v. 3.2 offers simplified integration with multiple back-end systems.Invensys949/727-3200
ETHERNET DATA RADIOThe SureCross Ethernet Data Radio is an industrial-grade, long-range, 900 MHz radio used to create point-to-multipoint configurations of wireless Ethernet networks. The DXER9 offers a range of greater than 10 miles outside line-of-sight and a 1,500-ft range within it. It has 128-bit AES encryption for Ethernet data packets, as well as sub-block error detection and retransmission and automatic scan or manual override for the best of the 12 communication channels.Banner Engineering888/373-6767
BLUETOOTH SLAVESThe 750-644 Bluetooth RF-Transceiver module provides bidirectional, wireless communication between I/O nodes. Within 10 msec, the 750-644 exchanges data up to 1, 000 m (line-of-sight) or 100 m (within buildings). One 750-644 master can communicate with up to seven slaves on a personal area network (PAN), also known as a piconet, via Bluetooth 2.0+EDR radio technology. Slave-to-slave data transmission is possible indirectly through the master. Configuration is accomplished with Wago-I/O-Check 3 software.Wago800/din-rail
HAZARDOUS BACKUPDigi Connect WAN IA Ethernet-to-cellular router with built-in Modbus provides enterprise backup and primary connectivity to devices in remote locations and features industrial hardware/software components. The product is Class I, Div. 2-rated, has conformal coating, a spray-on treatment applied to the printed circuit assembly (PCA) that provides a protective barrier against moisture and corrosion. The device can operate in temperatures between -30 °C and 70 °C.Digi International877/912-3444
WIRELESS ACCESS POINTSIndustrial-grade Wireless LAN Access Points feature IEEE 802.11n (draft 2.0) wireless interfaces. Multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) send and receive technology for wireless transmissions is designed to enhance communications in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency ranges. The IWLAN Access Points are available in two models: BAT300-Rail, designed for installation on standard DIN rails in control cabinets, and BAT300-F with IP67 housings for direct field installation.Belden Industrial Solutions765/983-5200
WIRELESS MODEMWireless Ethernet modems feature multiple layers of error-detection and correction, military-grade AES security encryption of wireless data, firewall protection and message filtering at MAC address level. Two serial interfaces, RS-232 and RS-485, as well as simultaneous serial and Ethernet connectivity and serial-Modbus-to-Modbus-TCP conversion, are offered. Discrete channel for status I/O, for failure status or external status transfer, along with remote configuration and diagnostics via the wireless link, are featured.Weidmüller800/849-9343
SERIAL MASTERWT30 Wireless Serial Communications system consists of one master and multiple slave I/O stations with expansion capability for up to 64 slaves—more than 1,000 I/O. The wireless serial master collects on/off data and provides an RS-232C (CompoWay/F) interface to a personal computer or PLC. Pre-tested function blocks in CX-One software are included to simplify WT30 communications setup using Omron's CS, CJ and CP1 families of PLCs. The I/O Slave terminals are available with 16 inputs or a combination of eight inputs and eight outputs. Omron Electronics866/88-omron
EXPLOSION-PROOF ACCESS POINTSAW-XAP enclosure houses WLAN access points, routers and bridges for 802.11b/g network coverage into hazardous locations. Two Div. 1 antennae mounted atop an explosion-proof enclosure allow users to use a WLAN access point in a Class I, Div. 1, hazardous area. An alternative glass antenna dome allows for mounting stock whip antennae. The enclosure system carries third-party approval from UL and the ATEX certification when specified.Meriam/Adalet Wireless216/281-1100
BUSABLE RADIOA busable 900 MHz radio, RAD-ISM-900-EN-BUS, allows direct connection of I/O modules. The radio includes a multiple master function to create redundancy and wireless failover connections if a master or host radio is not accessible. The radio allows the user to collect I/O without a remotely located PLC or I/O data concentrator. The bused I/O is made accessible to the network using the Modbus protocol and can be integrated into new or existing PLC, SCADA or DCS systems.Phoenix Contact800/322-3225
WIRELESS MESHOneWireless industrial mesh network is formed with industrial wireless nodes, called multinodes, that self-discover to create an industrial mesh network within seconds. The nodes include IEEE802.11 and IEEE802.15.4 standard radios that communicate simultaneously with Wi-Fi clients. The network supports multiple protocols including Modbus, HART and OPC, along with enabling seamless communication with existing automation and control applications. Honeywell800/822-7673
WIRELESS POWER DATAPower transducers measure single- or three-phase currents and voltages so data can be transmitted wirelessly to a central computer, where it can be analyzed and recorded. The power transducers are connected to the National Instruments Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) platform, which provides low-power, wireless data transfer to NI LabView data acquisition software.Ametek Power Instruments585/263-7700
LOW LATENCYThe Gen II Zlinx wireless I/O product line features peer-to-peer mirrored I/O mapping, low-latency response rates of 8 msec/digital, field calibration, user-defined fail-safe output states and Modbus compatibility in a snap-together, expandable modular design. A remote I/O connection can be set up to any serial or Modbus system without running wire.B&B Electronics800/346-3119
128 BITSNL900S long-range, high-speed (500 kbps), industrial wireless IP/Ethernet solution allows customers to bring business information over Ethernet or a serial gateway and onto corporate networks. It features secure wireless operation with multiple layers of protection, including 900 MHs FHSS physical layer and 128-bit data encryption. The NL900S incorporates field programmable gate array (FPGA) and a software defined radio (SDR), ensuring reliability and radio transceiver upgrades.RF Industries800/233-1728

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