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Safety Devices

Sept. 15, 2009
This Month, ControlDesign.com Gives You a List of Online Resources on Industrial Safety Devices
DOWLOAD ONLINE288-page 2009-2010 Safety Products Catalog contains product and application information on thousands of machine safety products, with multiple navigation options to simplify the search. Compare and contrast products, or scan the What’s New section. Determine the right section using color-coded side tabs or the table of contents. View application illustrations of safety products used in industrial settings, and find the featured product using page references within these illustrations.Banner Engineering888/373-6767
PSEN SAFETYPSEN Sensors Catalog has specs of PSEN sensors, safety switches, safety bolts, safety gate systems, optoelectronic protective devices, light curtains and grids and camera systems. The catalog includes explanations of safety component applications. It also includes technical support information.Pilz Automation Safety734/354-0272
SAFETY SENSORSSensors for Safety Systems brochure provides an overview and key specifications for safety light curtains and grids, safety controllers, safety single beam sensors, AS-Interface Safety at Work components, safety relays and power supplies and ergonomic safety palm button and two-hand controls. The brochure contains specifications on a full range of safety components.Pepperl+Fuchs330/486-0001
SAFEGUARDING GUIDE & LIBRARY2009-2010 Guide to Machine and Process Safeguarding includes information and selection guidelines for safety solutions. Each product page includes a SpeedSpec number that can be inserted into any Omron STI Web page for instant access to product specifications, certifications, accessories, CAD drawings and installation manuals. The guide has a safety library with more than 100 pages of educational resource material including fully illustrated articles.Omron STI800/479-3658
SAFETYBOOKBook pays special attention to the introduction of the EN ISO 13849-1 standard and the associated changes in the assessment of safety circuits. Basic safety knowledge and legal and standard-related basics are conveyed to the reader on nearly 200 pages. A detailed section with specific circuit examples rounds off the book. This section provides an informative basis for practical implementation and for solving safety problems.Euchner USA866/547-7206
SAFETY ON BOARDSafety on Board: Functional Safety in Automation Technology brochure complements Web pages highlighting the strategic value of the use of intelligent safety systems to increase machine uptime and limit liability exposure. As a result, many have come to view an intelligent safety strategy as a competitive advantage rather than a cost burden. A white paper and descriptions of Safe Motion are available on the website.Bosch Rexroth800/739-7684
E-STOPS GALOREThe E-stop brochure contains features (including overview of innovative safeguard technologies such as Safe Break Action), benefits, safety standards, specs, dimension drawings, images, comparison information and part numbers for XA 16mm illuminated and non-illuminated emergency stops, XW 22mm illuminated and non-illuminated e-stops, XN1E 30mm non-illuminated and illuminated e-stops, XN4E 30mm non-illuminated and illuminated Padlock e-stops, XN5E 30mm non-illuminated and illuminated Flush Mount Bezel e-stops, accessories, e-stop switch guards, e-stop nameplates, e-Stop Stations, L6 16mm Positive Action e-stops, HW22mm e-stops and Unibody e-stops, HN 30mm Unibody e-stops and TW 22mm e-stops, TWTD 30mm e-stops.IDEC800/747-0550
ACCELERATE SAFETYThe safety accelerator toolkit for GuardLogix systems provides system design, programming and diagnostic tools to assist in the development and deployment of safety systems using GuardLogix controllers, Guard I/O and safety devices. The toolkit includes a risk assessment and system design guide, hardware selection guide, CAD drawings, safety logic routines and operator status and diagnostic faceplates. Visit www.rockwellautomation.com/solutions/integratedarchitecture/resources5.html#safety.
Rockwell Automation440/646-3434
LIGHT CURTAINThe C4000 Safety Light Curtain brochure includes integrated and flexible solutions for safety applications. The literature lists the benefits, application examples and availability of the entire line of C4000 products and explains the engineering behind them, as well as maintenance and operations. A full listing of the C4000 product line, including specifications, also is included in the brochure. Sick800/325-7425
FAIL-SAFE SENSORSThe free brochure on the line of Simatic FS fail-safe sensors, including laser scanners, light curtains/grids and light barriers for contact-free detection, discusses how the sensors deliver all-around protection for people and machines in industrial environments. It also addresses safety technology in terms of Totally Integrated Automation, Siemens’ open-system architecture, that integrates safety into its standard products.Siemens800/964-4114

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