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Aug. 15, 2008
Access Our Expanded Coverage Resources, Videos, Other Digital Network Resources and an Updated Fieldbus Comparison Chart

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Some end users finally are moving applications from point-to-point hardwiring to their first digital industrial networks. Here’s how you can do it, too.

The Grid Connect Fieldbus Comparison Chart

Editor’s note: While this chart has long provided an excellent comparison of many of industrial fieldbuses, users should still seek out each protocol’s supporting organization for the most recent specifications and updates for each protocol.

Fieldbus Organizations

Demonstration videos

Moellers’ Stretch Hooder

The Can Making Process
Rexam’s aluminum can making process.

Harris Nuclear Plant Video Overview
The single-unit, 900-megawatt Harris Nuclear Plant is located near New Hill, N.C. The plant generates power for more than 550,000 homes. It is Progress Energy's newest nuclear plant, beginning commercial operation in 1987.

Automation Engineering’s Automated Assembly Systems


Networking That Floats All Boats
The swell of interest in Ethernet and wireless is raising the level of activity for other fieldbuses and networks, and driving cooperation among networking and bus standards groups in industrial automation.

Hardwiring, Fieldbus, Ethernet, Enterprise-Level, Wireless and other networks are bumping elbows on the plant floor. Here’s how users and integrators simplify and coordinate their networks to get them to get along with each other.

Come Together
Integration of plant-floor, building, physical security, and enterprise network means more changes for unathorized access and more need for intelligent security, cooperation, and training.

Fence Me In—Common Sense Security
The Fall Issue of Industrial Networking magazine features a cover story that discusses ways process control engineers can protect against potentially destructive attacks on vulnerable networks.

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