IEC 61131

May 9, 2008
Read Jeremy Pollard's Complete Report on IEC 61131

Standards and Guile Lines
IEC 61131 Creates Common Programming, but Not a Common Development Environment

Endless Fun With IEC 61131
Conflex Takes Advantage of the Standard's Benefits

IEC 61131: Part III—The Benefits
There Are Some Good Reasons to Use an IEC 61131-Based Product

What IEC 61131 Isn’t—Part II
Ethernet Standards Are Global. Standards Regarding Power Plugs Are Local. In Which Corner Does IEC 61131 Belong?

IEC 61131-3: By the Numbers
The Intent of Program Organizational Units (POUs) Is to Reduce Differences Between Suppliers, So A Timer Is A Timer, Regardless of Who Provides It

A Machine Renaissance
Shrink Wrapper OEM Maximizes Design Flexibility With a PC-Based Controls and Ethernet Solution That Teaches Users How to Operate the Machines

IEC 61131 Cage Match—Prologue
Standards Are Great. There Are So Many to Choose From

Mechatronics Supports IEC 61131
There Are A Lot of Similarities Among Automation Vendors and Their Products. For the Most Part, That’s What Machine Builders and End Users Want. Worldwide Conformity and Acceptance Makes It Easier to Sell, Operate, and Support Machines Around the World

Slow going for IEC-61131
Embedded Intelligence Columnist Jeremy Pollard, CET, Believes in PLCopen and Its IEC-61131 Language Base and Thinks You Should Too, but Only After You Get to Know It Well. Things Sometimes Are Not as They Appear

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