New Year Resolutions

Jan. 2, 2008
2008 Brings Resolutions for Everyone, Including Cyber Spaces. Check Out What Wants to Accomplish this Year
By Katherine Bonfante, digital managing editor

Each New Year brings resolutions or goals that everyone sets and hopes to accomplish throughout the year. The most common resolution people make is to lose weight or get fit. Well, has decided to set this same goal and meet it in 2008. Humans are naturally vain, and who is to say that cyber spaces/web sites are not vain, too? After all, these spaces are created by humans.

You might be wondering how a web page gets fit. Our goal is not to lose weight because being skinny in the cyber world is not in. Today being fit is what matters, and is going to do just that. We will get fit by expanding our online database and post new things such as videos, interactive whitepapers, interactive article pages, more pictures, more forums, more polls and maybe even a wiki.

In December, we launched our Machine Builder Spotlight (, where you can watch videos of engineers giving firsthand tours of their machines and the controls that make them work. This is an ongoing series of videos featuring controls engineers at OEMs from all over the world. Our goal is to make our site more interactive and hopefully make it a hot spot for you to stop by regularly.

Another resolution that some people make is to travel more. wants to travel too, but how does a web site travel? The site doesn’t need a plane ticket or check-in time at an airport. All it needs are some cyber friends who want us to visit their own sites, learn about them through the information and products they offer and report back to our community of machine builder professionals on about what it’s learned. wants to reach those machine builder professionals who don’t know about us yet, but who are looking for the information we have.

In 2008, we want current visitors to continue using the information we offer. We also want new visitors to learn and participate in our online community by reading our informative and interactive articles, seeing pictures and illustrations on subjects we cover and posting comments on Machine Builder Forum for our editors and questions for our team of experts to answer.

We are changing the way we look and modifying the online experience to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Have you tried our improved search engine? Now when you search our site you get individual search-result tabs listing articles, whitepapers, products and news. You have the option to view all results in one tab, or simply view your results by category. Go online now and feel the full effect of our improved search engine layout.

This is just the beginning of new things our site will offer this year. Stay tuned and log on weekly, if not daily, and watch us accomplish our 2008 New Year resolutions. 

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Overcurrent and Overvoltage Protection Changes in the 2008 NEC Code
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