Yaskawa Offers Motion Products for Programming

Oct. 4, 2007
Sigma V Servo Drives and MotionWorks IEC Provide an Environment for Easily Coding All Functionality of Modern Automated Machinery

Many programming languages exist today. Few, however, really excel at providing an environment for easily coding all the functionality of modern automated machinery.

To combat this situation, Yaskawa Electric America says its latest motion product offerings should be well-received. MotionWorks IEC software is fully compatible with the global programming standards specified by IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen. The MP2300Siec controller features EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, and Mechatrolink network connectivity for up to 16 axes of motion control of tuneless Sigma V drives and servo motors.

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MotionWorks IEC encourages the programmer to take advantage of the best of several programming languages including function block, ladder diagram, and structured text, all within one development package. Yaskawa senior application engineer Kevin Hull believes the IEC 61131-3 programming standard delivers a competitive advantage to machine builders. "Ladder Logic is perfect for representing digital sensory data, structured text is great for complex mathematical operations, and function blocks are very-well-suited for motion control," says Hull. "The languages seamlessly and predictably communicate with one another. Variables and outputs from a program structure can be referenced by other programs, providing the ultimate automation development environment."

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MotionWorks IEC software also incorporates PLCopen function blocks for motion control. "These standard, reusable code libraries store previously written logic that will reduce development time significantly and improve code quality," says Hull. "End users will appreciate the familiar behavior and functionality common among many IEC 61131-3 platforms." Additionally, an integrated web server makes maintenance and troubleshooting easier because no software is required.

"In the past, software was a barrier to implementing the highest performance and most complex technology," continues Hull. "Technically advanced hardware required specialized, complex software and development time. But now that we offer tuneless, Sigma V servo drives and MotionWorks IEC software, more companies will adopt the highest technology we offer and design it into a wider spectrum of machines in a shorter time."

Sigma V drives require far less setup time and tweaking of parameters than previous generation technology to attain high-level performance, says Hull. "When code development is created with MotionWorks IEC, the solution benefits are increased even further. The whole system becomes that much easier to develop, commission, and support."

As a result, says Hull, engineers will get closer to perfecting their products than ever before, and they're using the technology for new applications, which, in the past, might not have been feasible due to the development time and costs, as well as the learning curve.

Governed by internationally standardized functions, the MP2300Siec is the system's machine controller and has, says Hull, a potent motion engine at its core and is compatible with the most popular network protocols. The 2.5-in.-wide controller has an Ethernet connection with EtherNet/IP scanner/adapter functionality in addition to Modbus TCP/IP master/slave. "The controller implements Mechatrolink high-speed digital network for tightly integrated motion and I/O even for complex motion such as camming or gearing functions," adds Hull.

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