Get the edge on smart machines

May 28, 2020

The machine and equipment builder (OEM) market is highly competitive, with expectations of ongoing price/ performance improvements in each generation. Customers are recognizing the need for machines that are connected, flexible, scalable, and smart, to support the ongoing Industry 4.0 revolution that is combining physical operations with digital technology and big data to create a more holistic ecosystem. There is a constant tension between incorporating these technology improvements while also keeping costs in line across design, engineering, and product management.

Embracing digital transformation enables machine and equipment builders to enhance design and supports the development of new services around equipment performance and maintenance. When implemented, Edge Computing can facilitate a smooth evolution from the equipment of today to digitally enabled machines that end customers are requiring to be able to integrate into their connected operations. This includes multiple capabilities such as on-premise or cloud connectivity to fully integrated smart machines that embrace digital transformation without the need for complex retrofitting and redesign in the future.