How to lower your machine safety cost

Feb. 26, 2020
Telemecanique Sensors show how easier installations can equal reduced parts and labor expense

As automation systems become more sophisticated, so, too, have the products that support and make up those systems. While sensors were previously evaluated solely on the reliability of their performance, the ease of their integration now plays a considerable role. Machine automation designers not only want reliable sensors,
but they want them to be as close to “plug and play” as possible to reduce downtime.

Even a quality sensor initially appearing to be cost effective can become an expensive, time-consuming burden when the complicated installation process accompanying it is revealed. Sensor companies aware of the disruptive and expensive nature of these installations will cause them to focus not only on the performance of their sensors, but on how to improve the efficiency with which they can be installed. The overall installation design associated with the safety sensor becomes almost as important as the detection quality and reliability of the sensor.

Here are three ways to implement “Simply easy” installation processes which cut overall safety system cost and – at the same time - magnify the overall value of the sensors associated with them.