SafetyNet p: open, real-time industrial Ethernet safety bus

April 11, 2007
This paper introduces readers to SafetyNet p, an Ethernet-based network for industry that can be used for real-time and safe communication functions.
From Pilz Automation Safety L.P.

Today, Ethernet is the worldwide standard in office communication. Not only is it used to network PCs and peripheral devices within the office, but also for communications between distributed servers or for the Internet and intranets. Annual growth for the use of Ethernet-compatible devices has been in double figures for years, and this trend is forecast to continue for years to come.

Ethernet has proven itself to be an economical, flexible medium suitable for universal use. The widest range of utilities (e-mail, Internet, data transfer, audio and video communications), device types (PCs, printers, digital cameras, servers, telephones) and transport media (copper or fiber-optic cable, radio or laser) can all be used as required.