How to choose a digital motion control network

July 10, 2006
There are so many digital networks available today that the buyer has their hands full trying to pick a digital network to go with. This White Paper helps define reasons why a digital network should be chosen for your control platform, and offers suggestions on how to make the best choice for your motion control applications.
By Donald H. Seichter, Product Manager, G&L Motion Control

DIGITAL DRIVE networks have pushed the old standard analog interface aside. Many people are touting the invention of digital networks as though they are a new invention that has just made its way into the market place. This is interesting since digital networks have been available since the 1980’s.

There is no clear standard which stands above all others as the best choice for a digital network. It is easy to define reasons why a digital network is superior to the old stand by analog velocity or torque signal. The analog interface to a drive is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Very few machine builders are using the old analog technology in new machine developments. Machine builders in today’s competitive environment need to be as focused as possible on what they are best at making machines.