Mechatronic solutions for intelligent motion control

April 21, 2006
Modular machine building is becoming one of the next challenges of control system builders to make distributed machine control possible. Find out how mechatronic solutions are being used to simplify construction with servo drives and intelligent motion control software.
By Josef Hammer, Siemens Energy & Automation

MECHATRONIC solutions and modular machine concepts become more and more important for machine manufacturers. These trends generate advantages for the machine builder in terms of simplifying construction and standardization of the machine, as well as faster assembly and improved operation. Reduction of production costs, faster throughput time from order to shipment and a higher quality of machine are the most positive results. Mechatronics has proven itself for a number of years now to simplify machine construction with servo drives and intelligent Motion Control software. The machines became more flexible and possessed a higher degree of quality. Modular machine building is the next challenge of control systems to make distributed machine control possible. It is the wish of the machine manufacture to standardize machine building by means of standardized machine modules which can be arranged in various combinations.

With the right control architecture, which can be adapted optimally to the machine structure while fulfilling the requirements of mechatronics and modular machine concepts, machine building becomes extremely efficient and allows the development of very flexible machines with a high degree of quality and throughput. Overall, this gives the manufacturer who uses these new concepts a distinct competitive advantage.