Innovations in the application of small servo drives

March 19, 2006
To be able to implement production systems in a safer, faster, more integrated and more precise way, the small servo drive with the essential characteristics of a large servo drive represents a more future-oriented approach.
By Markus Britsch, Volker Banholzer and Peter Heidrich, Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH

For integrating small servo drives and actuators in the integrated automation world of large servo drives, there is currently no all-encompassing solution (i.e., an integrated synchronized fieldbus and standardized operating tools are basically missing). The solution to this integration task comes in the form of a small servo drive that exhibits the characteristic features of the large servo drives (i.e., synchronized fieldbuses and a standardized device control via fieldbus or a standard service interface, among others. This ensures a simple integration in the machine-automation environment and an integrated diagnostics capability and allows for replacing classical actuators and small drives by cost-optimized small servo drives.