The benefits of connectorized I/O

Feb. 21, 2005

From Turck

PLUG-AND-PLAY connectorization has been standard practice in industries ranging from appliance manufacturers to industrial sensors for many years. These industries have found it necessary to compete in a business climate where speed and consistency of connection is king.

This White Paper maintains that connectorization is the perfect complement to fieldbus systems. The concepts and goals are identical: reduced installation, reduced troubleshooting and easy expansion. The fieldbus system minimizes point to point wiring which can be time consuming and difficult to troubleshoot. Connectorization takes that one step further, almost completely eliminating troubleshooting. Troubleshooting costs can be significant, acccording to this White Paper, but difficult to measure during the initial planning stages. Plants that have implemented plug-and-play connectorization claim up to 75 percent reduction in start-up costs, and, as this paper points out, these are real cost savings.