EMVA Standard 1288: Defining the characterization of machine vision cameras and sensors

Jan. 5, 2005

THE PRELIMINARY version of the first standard module defining the characterization of the image quality and sensitivity of machine vision cameras and sensors is now available. The European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) has started the initiative to define a unified method to measure, compute and present specification parameters for cameras and image sensors used for machine vision applications.

The Standard is organized in different modules, each addressing a group of specification parameters, assuming a certain physical behavior of the sensor or camera under certain boundary conditions. Additional modules covering more parameters and a wider range of sensor and camera products will be added at a later date.

For the time being it will be necessary for the manufacturer to indicate additional, component specific information, not defined in the standard, to fully describe the performance of image sensor or camera products, or to describe physical behavior not covered by the mathematical models of the standard. The purpose of the standard is to benefit the Automated Vision Industry by providing fast, comprehensive and consistent access to specification information for Cameras and Sensors. Particularly it will be beneficial for those who wish to compare cameras or who wish to calculate system performance based on the performance specifications of a image sensor or a camera.