Dual-homing: Bringing redundancy to the edge of the network

Nov. 10, 2005
In the past, the choices for redundancy for edge-of-the-network devices were too limited, too expensive, or too complicated to be considered in most industrial systems. This White Paper, however, contends that today's dual-homing technology can changes all that. Read how.
A Technical Brief from GarrettCom

WHILE MANAGED Ethernet Switches for use in redundant LAN structures such as rings and meshes have become increasingly available and popular, redundancy provisions for edge devices in Industrial Ethernet networks has not previously been addressed. The new dual-homing edge switch fills that void and provides a new tool for designers of redundant LANs that is simple and dependable in operation.

A dual-homing Ethernet switch allows the dual-homing function to be moved from the node into a small switch. This enables designers of redundant LANs to increase the reliability and uptime of any industrial control device that has an Ethernet port (not just those few designed with dual NICs – typically at a cost premium). Redundancy at the edge is now cost-effective and easy.