Software tools for the development of motion control applications

Oct. 20, 2005
Today's control design engineers and developers expect strong tools at every stage of the product development cycle. This White Paper shows how sophisticated software is emerging that can be integrated into today’s motion-control applications.

By Curtis S. Wilson, Delta Tau Data Systems

Sophisticated software development tools are emerging to assist the machine builder in every step of the development process. Often, these tools will employ more sophisticated algorithms than the controllers themselves, including expert systems, relational databases, and neural networks.

Some of these tools can walk the user through the basic setup of the machine, starting with the connectivity of the different parts of the machine, continuing through evaluation of the proper operation of key subsystems, then moving on to full tuning for optimal operation. Different software tools provide communications links to the controller through several types of physical channels (USB,Ethernet, PCI, etc.) while using a variety of software component interface technologies. Still another set of tools is used to assist in the quick development of graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for the end users (i.e. operators, maintenance people, and engineers).