Improve factory floor productivity and profitability

July 28, 2005
This White Paper maintains that by understanding the nature and causes for wasted time due to OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), decisive corrective action plans to increase productive time may be devised.
By Scott Klages, Parsec Automation

MANY COMPANIES are focusing on lean manufacturing to achieve worldclass productivity and increased profitability in the face of intense global competition. Although lean initiatives get plenty of attention, most manufacturers have yet to fully commit to implementing such programs due to absence of valid metrics for accurately measuring and driving productivity without disrupting manufacturing operations.

This White Paper maintains there is a solution. OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) has emerged as the methodology of choice for manufacturers to uniformly and consistently measure the key factors that directly affect productivity and efficiency. OEE makes it possible to turn the gray area of productivity into a scientifically determinable methodology that may easily be adopted by most manufacturers.