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Technical Reference Book on Measurement and Control

March 1, 2005
ControlDesign.com has partnered with Omega Engineering to make the Transactions in Measurement and Control technical reference series available for free download. Add Force-related Measurements to your reference shelf and watch this spot to download future editions of this popular educational series.

Volume 3: Force-Related Measurement

THIS THIRD VOLUME in Omega's Transactions in Measurement & Control series, Force-Related Measurements, explores the full gamut of force-related instrumentation technologies--devices for measuring a range of kindred variables from acceleration to pressure to torque to weight.The sensor and transducer technologies that underlie these superficially different variables have quite a lot in common. Pressure, for example is simply a force applied over an area, acceleration is a force with the mass divided out, and weight is a force resisting the pull of the earth's gravity. Indeed, the primary differences among the technologies discussed in the chapters of this edition are in the painstaking engineering that has optimized the physical phenomena behind devices such as the strain gage into instruments precisely tailored to your specific application requirements.But sensors and transducers are only the first element of what it takes to perform a meaningful measurement. Once a particular sensor has been chosen, many other decisions often must still be made. Power supply, signal conditioning, panel display or other host system--even the electrical connectors, tubing and fittings--must be properly specified to fully satisfy you complete measurement needs.We hope Force-Related Measurements finds a permanent home on your reference shelf and that it proves itself of great value to you now and in the future. It is also imortant to note that neither advertisements or promotionals are present in this issue.Future editions of the Transactions series will systematically cover other aspects of temperature, humidity, pressure, strain, flow, level, pH, and conductivity instrumentation as well as other measurement, data acquisition and control topics.
Chapter One: A Historical Perspective 
Topics covered include:
1.  From Aristotle to Hawking
2.  Force and Its Effects
3.  Measurement Limitations

Chapter Two: The Strain Gage 
Topics covered include:
1.  Sensor Designs
2.  Measuring Circuits
3.  Application & Installation

Chapter Three: Process Pressure Measurement 
Topics covered include:
1.  From Mechanical to Electronic
2.  Transducer Types
3.  Practical Considerations

Chapter Four: High Pressure & Vacuum 
Topics covered include:
1. High Pressure Designs
2. Very High Pressures
3. Vacuum Instrumentation
Chapter Five: Pressure Gauges & Switches 
Topics covered include:
1.  Pressure Gauge Designs
2.  Protective Accessories
3.  Pressure Switches

Chapter Six: Force, Acceleration & Torque 
Topics covered include:
1.  Force Sensors
2.  Acceleration & Vibration
3.  Torque Measurement

Chapter Seven: Load Cell Designs 
Topics covered include:
1.  Operating Principles
2.  New Sensor Developments
3.  Strain Gage Configurations

Chapter Eight: Weighing Applications
Topics covered include:
1.  Weighing System Design
2.  Installation & Callibration
3.  Specialized Installatin