An Ethernet flavor for real-time motion applications

Dec. 27, 2004


ue to the worldwide deployment of Ethernet in office environments, there is increasing demand for using this technology for networking time-critical embedded applications, too. Seamless transparent communication from within the application to the outside world, based on one single standard, device availability and familiarity with this technology are the main advantages. However, there are some technical issues to be solved in order to use Ethernet for real-time applications. This White Paper from B&R Automation explains its approach and includes the following subjects:

1.  Why Ethernet?
2.  Convincing Speed
3.  Switched Ethernet for better real-time?
4.  Clock Synchronisation with IEEE 1588
5.  Time Slicing
6.  Other Approaches
7.  Ethernet Security
8.  Ethernet in Safety-related Applications
9.  Real-time Ethernet in Real-Life

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