Red Hat and Intel create industrial edge platform with CoDeSys

Dec. 27, 2023
The platform's evolution now enables deterministic performance assurance at the network level, leveraging existing features in Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat and Intel have collaborated to introduce an industrial edge platform aimed at revolutionizing industrial automation for manufacturing companies, Automation World reported. This platform leverages standard IT technologies to provide real-time insights into production data, offering a solution for automating manual tasks in industrial automation.

The platform addresses critical aspects for controls engineers, including system development, software deployment, cybersecurity risk reduction and prescriptive and predictive maintenance improvements. CoDeSys, a leading provider of IEC 61131-3 automation software for engineering control systems, has joined the collaboration to contribute to the virtualization and containerization of industrial controls.

This partnership extends the capabilities of the Red Hat/Intel industrial edge platform by enabling deterministic performance requirements between multiple systems across the network, meeting the safety-critical controls demands of the industrial automation space. The integration of CoDeSys Virtual Control allows the transformation of any modern system into an industrial controller, offering an open and modular system independent of hardware substructure, supporting virtualization with a hypervisor and containerization.

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