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Endress+Hauser joins the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

April 1, 2022

Green hydrogen has the potential to decarbonize entire industry sectors. Source: Endress+Hauser

In joining the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, Endress+Hauser aims to support the development of a clean and competitive hydrogen industry in Europe. The goal is to achieve CO2 neutrality in the process industry by the middle of the century through the introduction of hydrogen technologies. Working together with other industry partners, Endress+Hauser wants to support the efforts being made toward a sustainable future.

Green hydrogen is considered one of the keys to decarbonization in many sectors and a core element of the energy transition. The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance will play a role in the implementation of the EU’s hydrogen strategy. “With our membership, we want to support initiatives aimed at decarbonization and achieving climate goals to make an active contribution to a sustainable future,” said Paul Borggreve, corporate director of marketing at the Endress+Hauser Group.

Paul Borggreve

Corporate director of marketing at Endress+Hauser Group

Valuable contribution to sustainable development

The alliance, a European Commission initiative, brings together players from industry, science, government and the private sector to mobilize resources and develop an investment agenda that promotes the production and utilization of renewable hydrogen and creates a concrete project pipeline, thus building the foundation for a sustainable and competitive hydrogen ecosystem in the EU.

Hydrogen, the most practical alternative to fossil fuels, has the potential to enable the transition to a CO2-neutral future in a wide range of sectors. This includes the oil & gas and chemical industries, as well as steel and cement manufacturing, where avoiding emissions is especially difficult. “Green hydrogen is a key component in the energy transition,” added Jens Hundrieser, European regional industry manager for energy & metal.

Comprehensive portfolio for hydrogen applications

Endress+Hauser already has portfolio of products for critical process measuring points in the production, storage and utilization of hydrogen. These include laser-based gas analyzers for determining the quality of gases, flow metering solutions and level measurements in liquid hydrogen tanks.

Endress+Hauser instruments fulfill process and environmental safety standards. Among other things, hydrogen applications require instruments that can withstand high process pressures of more than 1,000 bar or extreme temperatures as low as -253 degrees Celsius. “The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance allows us to learn together with our partners and continue to improve our portfolio of products and solutions for the hydrogen industry,” Borggreve said.

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