Teknic robotic bartender can serve up 130,000 possible drinks

April 16, 2021
The company challenged a small group of engineers to show what a $99 Arduino-compatible controller and 6 BLDC servo motors can do.

Teknic’s robotic bartender uses one of Teknic’s Arduino-compatible ClearCore controllers and six ClearPath integrated servo motors to mix up cocktails. The company challenged a small team of engineers to demonstrate the flexibility and power of the new controller. The team created a robotic bartender that lets you order one of 130,000 possible drink combinations for the perfect cocktail.

One ClearCore is able to control up to for steppers, or digital servos such as ClearPath. It is also has 13 software-configurable analog and digital I/O points, is compatible with 24-volt industrial actuators and sensors, and includes a documented selection of example code projects for Atmel Studio 7. ClearCore also has an optional Arduino Wrapper Library to code using the lightweight Arduino IDE, which aids in rapid prototyping and small projects.

ClearLink and ClearCore have been designed with industrial applications in mind.