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Google Cloud now offers industrial OSIsoft PI System platform

April 8, 2021
Both companies hope to empower the industrial sector with an easier and more efficient path to business insights

Google Cloud have announced that OSIsoft, which provides a popular industrial data platform for engineers, is bringing its platform to Google Cloud. Together, Google Cloud and OSIsoft say they will empower the industrial sector with a more efficient path to business insights, generating more value from their collected data in a safer and managed environment.

The PI System is designed to help industrial companies modernize data and take it beyond the operational space to Google Cloud. Customers can deploy a fully functioning PI System to Google Cloud. Google Cloud assists customers through the launch of GCP deployment scripts for PI Core. 

The PI System is a data management platform for industrial operations in industries such as energy, mining, oil and gas, utilities, pharmaceutical, facilities and manufacturing. The PI System automatically captures sensor data from every relevant source, refines and contextualizes the data and delivers it to a ecosystem of people, tools and applications for analysis and strategic planning. It also serves as a single source for decision making.  

With the PI System, industrial companies can generate insights from their data, including: 

  • Analyzing seasonal trends 
  • Determining if utilities are meeting the demands of production 
  • Comparing the performance of different lots of raw material 
  • Determining when maintenance is required on equipment 
  • Optimizing the utilization or performance of a production line 

 The new deployment scripts are an addition to PI Integrator for Business Analytics, which integrates Google Cloud with PI Core, the on-premises portion of the PI System. PI Integrator for Business Analytics can deliver operational data directly to Google Cloud destinations like Cloud Storage, BigQuery and Pub/Sub. It can also be deployed either on-prem or on Google Cloud. 

The solution allows customers to take time-series data from one or many of their PI Core deployments and move it onto BigQuery, Google Cloud’s enterprise data warehouse for analytics.

Through the partnership, PI Core-based solutions for industrial customers are further protected by Google Cloud’s security features, like encrypting cloud data at rest. PI Core is aligned with real-time mission-critical industrial applications.

GCP deployment scripts for PI Core are the latest addition from the partnership. They are designed for customers who are considering moving their on-prem system to Google Cloud, or customers who would like to deploy PI Core as an aggregation system to bring diverse on-prem data from multiple PI Systems into one place. 

(Source: Google Cloud)

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