Amazon Web Services joins the OPC Foundation

March 30, 2021
AWS says this will allow it to better collaborate with industrial automation leaders as the manufacturing industry continues to transform

The OPC Foundation welcomes Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its latest member. In the industrial sector, manufacturers adopt AWS as their industrial data platform to take advantage of AI and machine learning capabilities and to help face the challenge of extracting data from industrial assets such as PLCs, DCSs, SCADA systems and data historians at scale.

Based on OPC Unified Architecture (UA) market acceptance and functionality, AWS adopted OPC UA to support the data connectivity challenges manufacturers face implementing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 initiatives. AWS makes available OPC UA-enabled tools and a portfolio of services that extend cloud functionality into industrial operations. The tools help manufactures ingest OPC UA-based data from industrial assets using AWS IoT Greengrass connectors into AWS IoT SiteWise or their IIoT applications on AWS.

"By joining the OPC Foundation, AWS is excited to collaborate with industrial automation leaders as the manufacturing industry continues to transform, powered by data and innovation," said Sanat Joshi, director of global business development for manufacturing, AWS.

"It is an honor to welcome AWS to the OPC Foundation," said Stefan Hoppe, president and executive director of the OPC Foundation. "Cloud service providers like AWS are enabling Industrial IoT solutions today that are transforming how manufacturers, producers, and others use control automation.” Mr. Hoppe continued, “AWS’s adoption of OPC UA and its active participation in the community as an OPC Foundation member shows its commitment to open standards-based data connectivity."

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