Kalypso and AVATA partner up to drive digital transformation with Oracle Cloud

March 2, 2021
The partnership hopes to deliver more comprehensive SCM, ERP, PLM and EDM solutions through Oracle's Cloud technology

Professional services firm Kalypso have announced a partnership with Oracle Cloud service provider Avata. The partnership is aiming to help clients accelerate digital transformation initiatives with Oracle’s suite of cloud applications. Both companies have established Oracle practices and this partnership extends each firms’ abilities. The partnership hopes to deliver more comprehensive SCM, ERP, product lifecycle management (PLM) and enterprise data management (EDM) solutions through Oracle's cloud technology.

Avata delivers strategic and implementation services related to Oracle’s SCM, ERP and EPM solutions, while Kalypso provides services related to Oracle’s PLM, EDM and emerging applications, such as IoT, blockchain and data science. With this combined expertise, the partnership can provide more coverage across Oracle’s Cloud applications portfolio to accelerate digital innovation and Industry 4.0 initiatives.

"We’re excited to combine forces with Avata to deliver increased value for our rapidly expanding cloud client base," said Nigel Hallett, Oracle practice managing director, Kalypso. "As digital transformation and cloud have become even more critical to business success as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this partnership will enable us to better support our clients by helping them leverage the power of Oracle’s comprehensive, integrated cloud solutions."

"We’re honored to partner with Kalypso to help our clients maximize the value of Oracle’s Cloud applications,” said Kevin Martin, vice president, sales, and solutions, Avata. "Kalypso’s strategic expertise complements ours well, and we look forward to joining forces to help our clients expand and make the most of their digital investments."