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Abaco wins order for SOSA aligned multifunction processors for military aircraft

Dec. 1, 2020
The total lifetime value to Abaco of the win is expected to be $10 million

Abaco Systems have announced that it has secured orders from a major US prime contractor that will see Abaco’s single board computer and avionics solutions deployed as part of a next generation SOSA aligned 3U VPX embedded computer system for advanced electronic warfare (EW), SIGINT and ISR applications destined for future military aircraft. The total lifetime value to Abaco of the win is expected to be $10 million.

The advanced embedded system includes two Abaco SOSA aligned rugged SBC3511 3U VPX single board computers. These will serve as the backend processor and subsystem mission computer for a complete, integrated 12-slot 3U VPX system. One of the SBC3511s will act as host to the Abaco RAR15X high density MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 429 XMC front I/O module.

System production is anticipated to begin in 3Q21 with deliveries scheduled through the end of 2025.

"Abaco was chosen because we were able to offer numerous advantages and benefits that were important to the customer and that competing product could not provide," said John Muller, chief growth officer at Abaco. "Not only were we able to demonstrate SOSA alignment, we were also uniquely able to respond to the customer’s demanding cybersecurity requirements, while the higher performance, larger onboard memory and superior local storage meant that challenging throughput targets could be met."

The SBC3511 3U OpenVPX rugged single board computer provides performance, security and thermal management. Its performance derives from the new, highly integrated Intel Xeon® E-2176M 6-core/12-thread processor operating at 2.8GHz with TurboBoost up to 4.5GHz, up to 64 GBytes of DDR4 RAM and the inclusion of up to 256 GBytes of nVME SSD. It also features a 40 Gigabit Ethernet data plane. The SBC3511 also includes a range of security features designed to assist with user-defined advanced security strategies.

The RAR15X dual protocol XMC is the highest density portable MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 429 device available. It delivers up to four channels of 1553 and 18 channels of ARINC 429 for high density in a portable device. Its on-board firmware, data buffers, and API are integrated to provide flexibility in monitoring and generating ARINC bus traffic. Simultaneous scheduled and burst mode (FIFO) messaging is supported on all ARINC 429 transmit channels. Each ARINC 429 receive channel provides simultaneous dedicated and buffered mode storage, along with label/SDI filtering.

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