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North America leads piezoelectric motor market says Fact.MR report

Jan. 13, 2020
According to the report, the linear piezoelectric motor market is projected to witness an absolute dollar opportunity of $108 million during the forecast period

Accroding to Fact.MR, piezoelectric motors are witnessing heightened demand, highlighted in a wide array of applications such as photonics, manufacturing process control, medical devices and metrology. The organization also found that processes like 3D printing and advanced robotics are driving the need for motion control systems and miniature devices, which in turn will boost the growth of the piezoelectric motors market in the coming years.The global piezoelectric motor market is projected to grow at a moderate rate of more than 4% between 2019 and 2029, says Fact.MR.

Application areas such as robotics and factory automation in various industries have resulted in the growth of piezoelectric motors. The robotics and factory automation segment, combined, will witness an absolute dollar opportunity of $37 million between 2019 and 2029. Additionally, medical equipment and device manufacturers are moving towards the adoption of piezoelectric motors vis-a-vis electromagnetic motors. These include surgical devices, 3D scanners, MRI compatible robotics, ultrasonic emitters, drug delivery devices, laser beam steering and devices used in dermatology, cosmetology and ophthalmology.

According to Fact.MR, linear piezoelectric motor market is growing at a significant rate and is projected to witness an absolute dollar opportunity of $108 million during the forecast period.

Additionally, the organization states that piezoelectric motors are preferred over electromagnetic motors, as piezoelectric motors offer various advantages such as high operability in vacuum environments suitable for aerospace, semiconductor & electronics sector. Piezoelectric motors have high power to volume ratio with nearly zero noise level and can achieve speeds up to 1 m/s with 50 nm (nanometers) of resolution, which makes them suitable for applications that requires higher operating force or torque in a small space.

Fact.MR says that North America is projected to be the most prominent market for piezoelectric motors and estimated to account for more than 25% of the global piezoelectric motor market throughout the forecast period.

The optics and photonics segment is anticipated to gather momentum due to increase in the application of piezoelectric motors in cameras, telescope and microscopes. The segment will witness an absolute dollar opportunity of $38 Mn between 2019 and 2029.

The report also finds that the piezoelectric motors have become a mainstream driving element in industrial and commercial applications. With continuous advancements in technology, the piezoelectric motor industry has bolstered new capabilities within the nano- and micro-positioning space.

Fact.MR, in its new offering, provides an analysis of the global piezoelectric motor market, presenting historical demand data (2014-2018) and forecast statistics for the period, 2019-2029. The study divulges insights on the piezoelectric motor market on the basis of product type (Standard LPM, Non-magnetic LPM, Vacuum LPM, Standard RPM, Non-magnetic RPM, and Vacuum RPM), where LPM and RPM stands for linear and rotary piezoelectric motors, end use industry (Micro Positioning Stages, Medical & Lab Automation Equipment, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Robotics & Factory Automation, Optics & Photonics, and Instrumentation), operating force/ torque (0-20 N, 20-150 N, 150 - 225 N, Above 225 N, Below 10 mNm, 10 - 25 mNm, Above 225 mNm), across seven regions.

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