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Automated Precision acquires Exact Laser Measurements

July 22, 2019
The company further extends its reach into the automotive sector by strengthening metrology services

Automated Precision (API) has announced the acquisition of Exact Laser Measurements, a provider of portable metrology services to the North America Automotive and Aerospace sectors. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Windsor Canada, with subsidiary operations in Detroit, Exact Laser Measurements provides laser tracker, portable arm and point cloud generation metrology services.

API Laser Tracker in use by Exact Laser technician measuring pipeline installation.

(Source: Automated Precision)

"Exact Laser Measurements are a perfect fit for API as we continue to expand our process control metrology automation products into the automotive sector," said API president Joe Bioty. "API is already unique as a metrology hardware manufacturer in offering contract measuring services through the API Services Group located in Newport News, VA with regional offices in Dallas and Los Angeles. The acquisition of Exact Laser Measurements perfectly complements our existing metrology services network and strengthens our presence in the Automotive sector and Michigan markets while providing enhanced experience as we roll out our services portfolio into international markets."

"We have the greatest of respect, as a metrology services provider, for the API product portfolio," said Exact Laser measurements CEO Tim Pare. "With our customers focus on improving their process control through metrology feedback, the increasing need to calibrate industrial robots in the plants, along with 5 axis machine-tools calibration within automotive tooling shops the synergy between API products and our metrology services execution create a compelling solution to the automotive sector."

Exact Laser Measurements will relocate immediately to the existing API facility in Plymouth, Michigan and commence offering ISO 17025 laser tracker accuracy certification to OEM specifications along with industrial robot accuracy certification and calibrations using API’s 6DoF technology.

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