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Pepperl+Fuchs partners with Samsung for Zone 1/Division 1 certified tablet

Jan. 22, 2019
The next generation of their Tab-Ex 02 DZ1 is certified for hazardous industries, increasing safety for mobile workers in oil and gas, chemical, pharma and more
Ecom, a Pepperl+Fuchs brand with experience in hazardous area mobile devices, introduced the next generation of their Tab-Ex 02 DZ1 , a tablet based on the ruggedized Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2. The new tablet, which is certified intrinsically safe provides a digital solution for mobile workers in industries ranging from oil & gas to refining to chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

The Tab-Ex 02 DZ1 using the Samsung Tab Active2 platform offers industrial workers a way to communicate in real-time onsite or remotely. With this device, they can collect data, parameters, and information safely while operating in hazardous locations such as oil rigs, airline refueling stations and bio gas storage facilities.

The Tab-Ex 02 DZ1 is the next generation of the first intrinsically safe tablet designed for hazardous environments, delivered by ecom. Using Samsung’s Tab Active2 platform, it incorporates ruggedization in a tablet that allows for applications enabling key functions customized for business. Employees in hazardous environments have a digital tool for safely engaging in enterprise resource planning, project management systems and computer-aided system planning. It can also be used to manage inventory, track materials, and conduct asset management.

The Tab-Ex 02 DZ1 is suited for Industrial Internet of Things-capable applications, which includes simplifying data exchange with SCADA/DCS systems. With military-grade certified Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 technology enabling access in rainy or inclement weather, workers have the ability to use the touch screen while wearing work gloves or write with the S Pen while in the rain.

The Tab-Ex 02 DZ1 will be available in early 2019.

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