CLPA shows CC-Link IE development solutions growth at SPS/IPC/Drives Italia

July 31, 2018
CLPA offers a range of options for device makers wanting to get on board, whether with CC-Link IE’s open gigabit Ethernet or CC-Link IE Field Basic (IEFB), which extends CC-Link IE compatibility to 100Mbit Ethernet devices

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) highlighted the range of CC-Link IE development options at this year’s SPS/IPC/Drives Italia, which included a variety of industry-standard development solutions for CC-Link IE, CC-Link IE Field Basic and its fieldbus counterpart CC-Link.

The Hilscher solution is an extension of its netX platform. The options available include embedded modules that make it simpler for Hilscher customers to add CC-Link IE or IEFB compatibility to existing products already using the netX platform.

"Hilscher is a long-time partner of the CLPA and we have offered CC-Link fieldbus options for many years," said Christof Hunger, product manager at Hilscher. "However, with the rising demand for Ethernet based systems and the continuing growth of the CC-Link IE installed base, we knew it was time to offer our extensive global customer base the option to add CC-Link IE and IEFB to their products too. We expect these new products to become a successful part of our general offering with strong sales growth expected."

In addition, TI offers a reference design to assist in the design of a CC-Link IE Field Basic master and slave based on its Sitara processor portfolio.

"Since the rise of Ethernet in the automation space, TI has sought to be a provider of leading-edge processors and industrial communication expertise to automation equipment manufacturers by leveraging the power and flexibility of our Sitara processor and complementary analogue portfolios and system insight," said Ellen Kou, product manager at TI. "CC-Link IE Field Basic is an exciting networking protocol for the future of industrial automation and we are looking forward to working with the CLPA to increase its installed base across many different device types."

The Hilscher and TI platforms were displayed alongside existing options from other CLPA partners HMS, Mitsubishi Electric and Renesas.

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