Schneider Electric awards 6 customers for digital transformation

Nov. 8, 2017
The customers range from regional to multinational, from private to municipal, representing several industries

Schneider Electric has recognized six customers for their digital transformation strategy, workforce empowerment and business value with Schneider Electric’s Industrial Software Platform. These awards were presented at the company’s Innovation Summit: Software Conference 2017, held in San Antonio, Texas.

The winners in their respective categories are highlighted below:

Digital Transformation Strategy

  • BASF was recognized for its “Industrie 4.0” initiative, which aims to create value for customers and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of operations. In manufacturing the first projects include predictive maintenance and augmented reality to improve asset performance, reliability and utilization while increasing production efficiency.
  • BP was recognized for implementing unified supply chain management across downstream assets for feedstock evaluation and economic modelling. In one scenario, data analysis time was cut from hours to just a few minutes.

Workforce Empowerment

  • Arizona Public Service (APS) was recognized for implementing cloud-based virtual training to help address a changing workforce (about half will retire in the next five years) and highly distributed plants (800 miles span between their two most distant plants). APS delivered a training solution for knowledge management across all facilities.
  • Maple Leaf Foods was recognized for transforming how employees visualize performance to drive efficiency through implementation of a manufacturing execution system. Mobile tablets now display dashboards with real-time KPIs to identify critical problems, improving operations across people, processes and equipment.

Business Value (ROI)

  • Duke Energy was recognized for an estimated $35 million cost savings from early warning detection of a damaged steam turbine blade. Predictive maintenance technology identified a vibration anomaly, enabling the team to inspect the turbine blade and proactively address the issue before failure.
  • Network Rail was recognized for comprehensive asset monitoring and analysis with a new intelligent infrastructure solution that monitors 42,000 assets across 20,000 miles of train tracks. So far the system has saved 500,000 potential train delay minutes – approximately £45 million in compensation payments.

"Industries must maximize the value they create across the entire value chain – both a primary goal and a challenge. Meeting this goal and challenge demands continual optimization in real time, which is best accomplished with a digital transformation strategy that spans across the operations and asset lifecycles," said Dr. Ravi Gopinath, executive vice president of software at Schneider. "I am proud to call these forward-thinking companies our customers, and we are honored to recognize such high level of achievement."

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