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Opto 22 announce IoT certification program to bridge IT/OT gap

Aug. 17, 2017
The IoT Certified System Integrators combine domain expertise in operational and information technology to help organizations deploy IIoT applications
Opto 22 have announced its IoT Certification program for authorized System Integrators, called OptoPartners.

According to the organization, to realize the benefits of the IoT, information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) teams must work together to leverage and apply each other’s technology and skillsets.

“At ACS, we recognized that having the skills to get data where it needs to go was going to be necessary for our growth as a business,“ said Dave Pilliod, president of Advanced Control Solutions. “With their mindset of multi-platform communications, Opto 22 has provided the tools to enable us to have Operations and Information Technologies come together. It would be a disservice to our customers not to be as learned as possible on the technologies of today, even if they lie outside the traditional realm of automation.”

According to Opto 22, OptoPartners who carry the IoT Certification possess a combination of skillsets in both the OT and IT domains and have demonstrated proficiency in OT technologies such as sensors, instrumentation, controls, and automation as well as with IT technologies such as networking, databases, computing, data analytics and cloud or edge IoT platforms.

“Today, knowledge in both Operations Technologies and Information Technologies is an absolute requirement for the networked and data-driven applications our customers demand," said Todd Reynolds, president of Perceptive Controls. “As a result, we've staffed up and educated our team with the necessary skills from both camps. As a long-time Opto 22 systems integrator, we're pleased to see the updated OptoPartner program recognize our unique skill set with the new IoT Certification badge.”

Additionally, Opto 22 is part of the IoT ecosystems of three major IT companies: Dell, IBM and AT&T.

The following sixteen are certified OptoPartners:

  • Advanced Control Solutions (USA)
  • Asahi Electronics Corporation (Japan)
  • Controlled Environment Structures Inc. (USA)
  • Excelion Partners (USA)
  • Facilities Protection Inc. (Philippines)
  • Mulder-Hardenberg B.V. (Netherlands)
  • N-Compass Consulting Group (Australia)
  • Optomation Systems (Spain)
  • Parijat Controlware Inc. (USA)
  • Perceptive Controls (USA)
  • Processcomponent A.B. (Sweden)
  • RDI controls LLC (USA)
  • Sayantek (USA)
  • SCADA Solutions (USA)
  • System Devices U.K. (U.K.)
  • Tough Automation  (USA)

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