ODVA releases EtherNet/IP ToolBox Integrated Learning Environment

May 1, 2017
Aims to push EtherNet/IP engineering expertise and to shorten new product development cycles

ODVA has released the EtherNet/IP ToolBox Integrated Learning Environment (ILE), a pc-based software tool that provides developers with a self-contained learning environment on EtherNet/IP technology and standards.

According to ODVA, the ILE aims to help its EtherNet/IP vendors shorten their on-boarding time for new development. In the coming years, ODVA expects this need to increase through the natural attrition in industry due to retirement and the loss of institutional knowledge this brings.

"The new EtherNet/IP developer will find that ODVA’s ToolBox assimilates the large amount of knowledge needed to develop a simple EtherNet/IP product and integrates training materials combined with a real-world, hands-on development environment,” said Matthew Frazer, ODVA’s manager of vendor adoption tools.

ODVA’s ToolBoxILE is recommended for first-time product developers who are new to The EtherNet/IP Specification and the development of EtherNet/IP products.  The user license for ODVA’s ToolBoxILE can be purchased via ODVA’s online order portal.

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