European Robot Manufacturer Struggles To Find the Workforce It Needs

Jan. 21, 2015
ATM is looking to recruit more research and development people, machine builders and engineers.

ATM Automation, sole industrial robots manufacturer in the UK, is growing and growing fast. However, the company is struggling to fill the dozens of vacant positions it has because it can't find the necessary skilled individuals for the job.

According to a report published by Leicester Mercury News, ATM manufacturers industrial robots to assemble car parts for Jaguar and Toyota. They have been working with recruiting firms to find the skilled staff but have not had positive results. However, with the recent layoffs of 190 Rolls-Royce plant employees, ATM hopes to entice the now unemployed skilled workers to join them.

"The people are out there. It's about finding them and turning their heads," said Director of robotics Sabir Hirji.

In the past, robots were made to work in linear ways, but ATM was the first European company to create a six-axis robots due to the increasing flexible requirements of the manufacturing industry. Since then, the company became one of the leaders in supplying the automotive industry and now their robots assemble parts such as car doors and thoroughly checks them to ensure all components – including the wiring – is done precisely to specs.

Their robots' high level accuracy and efficiency  helped them obtain the opportunity to work with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) for the next five years.

"JLR are looking to launch 15 cars in five years and they need to mechanize their processes," said Hirji. "They are looking for better quality sub-chassis. We have involved ourselves in tier one and tier two suppliers."

ATM is also working with luxury car makers Bentley, who recently announced a major expansion and will be producing new cars.

The industrial robot manufacturer is looking to fulfill 10 open positions at their main factory in located in, Blaby - Leicestershire, England, and their other plant in, Cosby, England.

"We are looking to recruit more research and development people, machine builders and engineers," said Hirji. "We need inventors who invent new things."

ATM is working with ER Recruitment, a Leicester-based recruitment company. Anyone interested in applying for the open jobs can email [email protected].

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