IHS, IET Partner to Provide Special Subject eBooks

March 4, 2014
Partnership Allows IHS to Host and Sell IET eBooks for Engineering and Technical Professionals

IHS and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), international publisher of specialist engineering content, have partnered to provide ebooks in specialist subject areas for the corporate engineering, business and technology market.

IET agreed to allow IHS to host and sells its collection of ebooks on subjects such as manufacturing, technology, power and energy, processing, electrical measurement and renewable energy.

IET has nearly 160,000 members in 127 countries around the world and offers more than 400 print and ebooks, in addition to research journals, magazines, conference proceedings and the Inspec database.

The ebooks can also be accessed via IHS's Knowledge Collections, which consists of books, manuals, handbooks, standards, patents, best practices and other applied engineering know-hows for engineering and technical research in a single source.

"IHS's Knowledge Collections help the IET deliver on our mission to advance knowledge across today's global engineering and technology community through this new platform," states Richard Hollis, business development director for IET. "Engineers and technical professionals now have the choice of access to the relevant knowledge within our eBooks through the IHS Knowledge Collections platform."

Core engineering principles, design issues and guidelines, real-world applications, engineering models, process and other technical guidance from IET are accesible via IHS's advanced question and answer technology platform, and more than 70 concept lenses, according to HIS.

"Whether researching definitions, causes and effects, advantages and disadvantages, or related technologies, practicing engineers can quickly find answers in IET's breadth of trusted books, allowing them to perform at the highest levels," said Chad Hawkinson, vice president, IHS Product Design.

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