Automate EHS Programs With Microsoft SharePoint

Feb. 18, 2014
EH&E Offers Consulting Service to Help Manufacturers Achieve Greater Compliance, Time and Cost Savings

If you're a manufacturer looking to achieve greater compliance, time and cost saving, than look no further than environmental health and safety (EHS) Automation Consulting services from EH&E.

EH&E leverages the SharePoint platform to provide manufacturers with a single software solution that addresses and integrates various program information and task requirements into a single program dashboard for centralized reporting and analysis.

"EHS programs, despite their critical role in manufacturing, are often managed outside a company's information technology network," said Bob Foster, director of automation services for EH&E. "Many EHS programs, although requiring data input from many sources, and often from a variety of locations, are managed using Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. This is costly, time-consuming, and grossly inefficient. For many manufacturers, the solution can be found in their existing Microsoft SharePoint platform — the ubiquitous web-based information management platform that's already in use for communications between people and departments throughout their company."

Microsoft SharePoint automates work processes to vastly improve operational efficiency. Managing multi-step workflows eliminates time spent on reviewing data, sending documents and forms for review, and ensuring reports are properly completed. EHS Automation Consulting services works with manufacturers to develop SharePoint-based applications that automate these processes.

Applications range from the management and reporting of accidents and incidents, to safety inspections, chemical inventories and training records, according to EHS.

"Tracking the due dates and the completion of various EHS tasks is a huge administrative burden in itself, and frequently consumes much of the manager's time — to the extent that beneficial program initiatives often lay dormant as efforts are focused on maintaining basic compliance," Foster said.

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