CLPA Forms CC-Link IE Energy

Feb. 14, 2012
CC-Link Partner Assn. Energy and Production Management Control System Lets Manufacturers Monitor Energy Consumption on a Single Network

CC-Link Partner Assn. (CLPA) has created a combined energy and production management control system that allows production managers to easily monitor energy consumption by individual machines or processes over the same networks.

CC-Link IE is a high-performance, gigabit industrial Ethernet open network technology that CLPA formed by adding energy management functions to the open automation network technology, CC-Link IE. CC-Link IE handles both high-speed control and information to provide efficient, integrated factory and process automation.

Using CC-Link IE Energy, manufacturers can monitor their plant's energy-consuming devices in real time to ensure each individual device is optimized. All the devices must work in unison to complete the production process.

"Energy management is now firmly on the agenda of many organizations, particularly manufacturing companies whose energy consumption is typically higher than that of non-manufacturers," said Robert Miller, director for CLPA-Americas. "In addition to their concerns about meeting energy efficiency regulations, many companies now realize that efficient use of energy is simply good business. There are also social and shareholder pressures for companies to be good corporate citizens and to do their part to protect the environment."

CC-Link IE Energy uses a single cable networks to control production systems and relay real-time production information to enterprise management IT systems. The network's controllers analyze data in real time and send out energy management instructions. Cross-optimization of operational control and energy management is made possible with the combination of production and control information, and energy information facilitates.

"CC-Link IE Energy is the latest example of our association's commitment to provide industry-leading technology solutions," said Miller. "We previously added motion and safety control capabilities to the network. Now with the additional energy management functions, CC-Link IE Energy is fulfilling its promise to be a single, high performance, open Ethernet technology that offers the automation features required by today's applications."