CAD/CAM Connect Creates Buyer-Supplier Connections Through Social Media

Dec. 12, 2013
Online Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing Resource Uses Social Media Channels to Better Serve the Needs of Buyers and Suppliers

An online computer-aided design and manufacturing resource found a new platform to leverage thousands of supplier and end user connections.

A comprehensive strategy was developed by CAD/CAM Connect that would use social media channels to better serve the needs of buyers and suppliers. Currently 90% of the mechanical engineering and machining community uses the Internet to conduct research on CAD/CAM products and services, according to CAD/CAM Connect.

CAD/CAM Connect's mission is to provide top-quality suppliers to its buyers so they are better educated during their purchasing decisions.

The growth in the number of Linked "connections", Facebook "likes", and Twitter "followers" is a direct result of proactive community-building efforts and quality content, said Ken Wilson, founder and CEO of CAD/CAM Connect. Strategies include continuous monitoring of news from top CAD and manufacturing forums and communities, and expert commentary from ConnectPress, TenLinks and MCADCafe.

"Our network of CAD/CAM supplier partners also provides us with articles and social feeds to help educate buyers on how to choose the best products for their jobs as it pertains to different disciplines (CAD, CAM, reverse engineering, 3D printing, prototype materials, ERP, large format printers and scanners, CAD training and more) that we're able to send out through our channels," said Wilson. "Since we're not tied to any specific CAD/CAM suppliers, and we offer all of these product disciplines on our site, we do our best to try and spread unbiased news and information that truly has an impact on their business."

The company has been able to respond to the needs of its clients and prospective clients more quickly since the integration of its social media channels into its resource networks. Content such as stories, articles and other technical pieces can be shared using real-time with other fellow community members, which can potentially impact future buying decisions and new readers turning to CAD/CAM Connect as a resource.

"We want to be recognized as the ‘hardest working team in CAD/CAM,'" says Wilson. "We plan to accomplish this by taking care of the time-consuming investigative homework for our community up front, and by making sure our social channels and blog are some of the only places they need to go for help and answers to their manufacturing business technology needs."

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