SEL Designs Next-Generation Rotary Switches

Oct. 8, 2013
Purchase of VoltAmp Allows SEL to Expand Product Line into New Manufacturing Areas

Source: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Through integration of its state-of-the-art technology and design standards, product and service provider of power supply system protection, monitoring, control and automation Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) has released a new rotary switch product family.

After purchasing rotary switch manufacturer VoltAmp, SEL used the company's 40-year experience designing and manufacturing switches to develop a new product line of next-generation rotary switches.

"Having been a VoltAmp user for years, we were honored to take ownership of their line and excited to incorporate our experience as an end user, along with our technology and innovation, into the switches," said Mauricio Toache, general director of SEL Mexico.

SEL's investment in new manufacturing and testing equipment has allowed them to expand into new manufacturing areas by providing more versatile and durable switches. The new rotary switch product line improves reliability, security, ease of use and flexibility while reducing costs and lead times, according to SEL. The family includes lockout, breaker control and selector switches.

"Our customers can rely on SEL's rugged rotary switches to operate even during digital equipment failure or maintenance," said Jean Leon Eternod, research and development director for SEL Mexico. "This high reliability is essential for protecting personnel and equipment."

New line of rotary switch family features:

• Exceeds UL, IEEE and IEC standards
• Up to 60 double-break contacts on 15 decks
• Nominal current of 30 A
• Interrupting current of 8 A @125 Vdc

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