Möbius Project Goes Public

Sept. 20, 2013
Maplesoft Software Provides Instant Access to Intuitive Math Tools and Assessment

After a four-month pilot program, Maplesoft, technical education and research software provider, announced its Möbius Project is now available to the public.

The Möbius Project allows educators to create interactive math applications, share them with students and evaluate their understanding of the concept.

With the Möbius Project, students are given new, engaging tools that allow them to interact with visuals, improving comprehension of math concepts, not only in the classroom but independently at home. Assessment of a student's work is revolutionized, as the project allows teachers to measure and explore a student's understanding of the material.

Möbius Apps created during the pilot phase reflect a modernized approach to learning. Topics included integration with Riemann sums, quadratic surfaces and analysis of loaded beams, according to Maplesoft.

If you already using mathematics software Maple or online testing and assessment system Maple T.A., both support the Möbius Project. Another new offering is MapleNet, a place where anyone using Möbius Project Apps can access using a web browser.

"Many educators embraced the benefits that technology can bring to the math classroom years ago," said Dr. Laurent Bernardin, executive Vice President of R&D, for Maplesoft. "But as technology evolves, so do the benefits we can get from it. The Möbius Project opens up exciting new possibilities, especially in terms of instant access to intuitive math tools and innovative assessment methods. For educators, it's a whole new world."