Three Major Certifications Expand CC-Link Network

July 24, 2013
CLPA Stimulates Additional Growth in China, Japan and in International Manufacturing of Semiconductors, Photovoltaic and Flat Panel Displays
Manufacturers, system integrators, and automation equipment suppliers gather in Dayton Ohio for a seminar on the latest development with CC-Link IE.Source: CC-Link Partner AssociationCC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) has expanded its open automation network in China, Japan and international manufacturing of semiconductors, photovoltaic and flat panel displays with three new certifications.The three major certifications are:
  • Chinese National Standard GB/Z 29496.1.2.3-2013: CC-Link Safety
  • Japanese Industrial Standard TR B0031: CC-Link (a de facto standard network):  Assures suppliers and manufacturers in both Japanese domestic and export markets that CC-Link meets the important IEC 61158 international field bus standard.
  • Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) E54.23-0513: CC-Link IE Field: Assures manufacturers of semiconductors, photovoltaics, flat panel displays and related micro- and nano-electronics that CC-Link IE Field is compatible with standards-based manufacturing architectures and associated features can deliver improved operational performance.
"These certifications have a potential pull through sales effect for North American manufacturers that offer components and systems compliant with the CC-Link open network," said John Wozniak, networking specialist for CLPA.Automotive, semiconductor and liquid crystal display industries in China have expressed increasing demand for improved safety. CC-Link IE Field Network's integrated safety responds immediately to emergency signals from light curtains, safety gates, e-stops and more with safe shutdown. If a cable or a faulty station is detected, CC-Link IE Field Network's network diagnostics indentify and isolate the location of fault instantly. It can also identify line and module errors from any location that has network access.There is no transmission delay when using CC-Link IE Field Network due to its one gigabit-per-second transmission and real-time protocol, which controls remote I/O devices. Industrial Ethernet-based networks on the market today cannot compete with the transmission rate of the CC-Link IE Field Network.