SPIE Show to Display Advanced Industrial Camera Systems

March 20, 2013
ISVI Will Introduce Quad Channel CoaXPress (CXP) Camera in Baltimore, Md.
Source: ISVI

High-speed and resolution camera supplier ISVI announced the company will display its latest line of advanced camera systems during a three-day event beginning next month.

The 25MP/53fps and 12MP/175fps Quad-Channel CoaXPress (CXP) cameras will premier at the SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing show in booth #1940 on April 30 – May 2 in Baltimore, Md. ISVI will also display its newly developed 29MP/5fps CCD Camera Link Base for UAV, OLED inspection and other low-light level applications.

The CXP is a high-speed communications standard for the transmission of video and still images over single or multiple coaxial cables. The combination of the coaxial cable with the high-speed serial technology is a one of the latest advancements in high-speed image and data transition.

The CXP is the first ever quad-channel camera that allows each channel to transmit up to 6.25 Gbs for a maximum data transfer rate of 25Gbps, according to ISVI. The speed is scalable from CXP-1 at 1.25Gbits/s to CXP-6 at 25Gbits/s. Lower speed applications allow one frame grabber to support up to four CXP cameras.

"ISVI has earned a solid reputation for the design and development of leading-edge industrial cameras with a special emphasis on performance, quality and cost-effectiveness," said Al Sabeh, president of ISVI. "We look forward to displaying our new CoaXPress Quad Channel 12MP and 25MP cameras as well as our new 29MP CCD Camera Link camera at SPIE. We are confident that this new technology will set the standard by which all other industrial cameras are measured."