Siemens Extends Commitment to Control Systems Industry

July 1, 2013
Stuxnet Puts Company at the Center of Cyber Security Spotlight

When news of the Stuxnet virus went viral a few years ago, Siemens was at the center of the cyber security spotlight and has since worked to become a leader in the field. Industrial control system (ICS) expert Eric Byres brought attention to Siemens' efforts to be one of the first to advise end users not to depend on air gaps as a means of security during the Automation Conference 2013. In this article, David Greenfield, director of content and editor-in-chief for Automation World, discusses Siemens' plans to extend its commitment to the control system industry by delivering managed services for control security. This is based on three layers of defense-in-depth support: industrial security services, security management, and products and systems.

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