Production Process Enhances MES With SQL Database

May 23, 2013
ERP System Integrated With Production Improve Manufacturing Processes

In order to achieve a more efficient and effective use of assets, manufacturers are beginning to integrate their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with production operations.

An example of this is instrument and systems developer Production Process (PP). The company has enhanced its ProductionACE manufacturing execution system (MES) with an SQL database to bridge productivity gaps.

ProductionACE uses machine data transducers (MDT) to provide data collection from all types of manufacturing equipment, according to PP.  MDT is capable of accepting simpler signals from electrical machines. By integrating ProductionACE's MDT with an SQL database, manufacturers have the capability to integrate ERP with all types of discrete manufacturing.

"With the new SQL database functionality, ProductionACE now provides a practical, economical and universal link between any discrete manufacturing process and ERP, regardless of equipment age or intelligence," said Karl Ritzinger, president of PP.

Additional details on ProductionACE with ERP interface are available at: