IBM Accelerates Supply Chain Network Using Cloud-Based Information Exchange

June 17, 2013
CEVA Logistics Technology Speeds Material and Information Flow to Reduce Costs and Improve Customer Service
In order to improve the quality of information shared among its customer supply chain network, IBM signed a four-year contract with contract logistics and freight management solutions provider CEVA Logistics.CEVA's Matrix Connect in combination with IBM's growing SmartCloud portfolio is predicted to help IBM improve the speed of material and information flow, while also reducing IT-related supply chain costs by more than 5%, which will result in new supply offerings for its customers.Through IBM's Smarter Commerce initiative, CEVA can improve its customer's supply chain and logistic process using IBM technology. The cloud-based technology will allow CEVA customers to access, share and process information in real-time. Other advantages IBM's cloud B2B integration service offers CEVA customers include lower operation and development costs, easy migration from old B2B activity to new cloud-based solutions, organizational socialization and the ability to rapidly scale at predetermined costs as business and volumes increase, according to IBM."Market conditions are driving requirements for visibility and control across global operations," said Peter Dew, chief information officer for CEVA.  "IBM's cloud integration services provide us with a world-class, reliable and constantly available information backbone to deliver the real-time access to information we need. CEVA, and our customers, benefit from IBM's expertise and the power of the cloud to ensure that, at every link in the supply chain, we can keep business flowing." CEVA is taking an active approach to help its customers adjust to changes in demand across their supply chain networks. IBM's integration services will allow CEVA to effectively teach customers the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors to become effective organizational members and insiders. "In today's increasingly digital world, supply chain leaders such as CEVA are delivering competitive advantage to their customers by sharing critical information across their vast supplier networks quickly and efficiently through the cloud," said Craig Hayman, general manager for IBM.