Siemens Partners With DesignLine to Build Hybrid Buses

Nov. 28, 2012
Montreal Transit Authority Signs $5.9 Million Deal for the Purchase of All-Electric Buses

Siemens' Drive Technologies Division has partnered with DesignLine to help in the production of all-electric buses purchased by Montreal Transit Authority (MTA) for $5.9 million in May.

Permanent magnet excited motors, inverters and voltage protection modules will be provided by Siemens to support DesignLine's rear-axle drive systems for the seven hybrid "midi buses."

"This partnership showcases the versatility and operating experience of Siemens hybrid offerings, and demonstrates our growth within this market segment – with more than 1,500 hybrid drive systems in operation worldwide," said Thomas Orberger, hybrid drives business manager for Siemens Drive Technologies Division.

Hybrid or all-electric platforms are becoming more practical for transit organizations. Municipal buses will see significant fuel savings in several areas including stop and go operations, low average speeds and power consumption, stationary activities and high operating hours, according to Orberger.

MTA plans to provide citizens of Old Montreal by mid-2013 with more electric vehicles in order to reduce noise and gas emission. The buses will have lower floors for accessibility, a driving range of about 100 miles/charge, and can transport up to 36 passengers at a time.

"DesignLine's electric bus product line is enhanced through the rollout of our 30 foot Midibus EV line, using Siemens latest technology in motors and inverters," said Josh Anderson, EVP of engineering for DesignLine. "Incorporating the Siemens' PEM Drive components with DesignLine's proven and proprietary EV system and latest vehicle design is a win for all of the project partners."