Siemens Contributes to Chicago Sustainability Project

Nov. 21, 2012
$10 Million Bid Supports Efforts to Reduce Energy, Operating Costs by $7.5 Million Annually

A $10 million bid won through the Chicago Department of Water Management will allow Siemens to provide five of its Robicon Perfect Harmony drives, as well as electrical distribution equipment, in support of one of the largest comprehensive infrastructure improvement programs in Chicago.

"Build a New Chicago" is a $7 billion three-year program developed to reduce energy and operating costs annually by approximately $7.5 million.  The Springfield Avenue Pumping Station (SAPS) is switching from the use of steam turbines and boilers to drives connected to electric motors, according to Siemens.

"Siemens is proud to play a role in the 'Building a New Chicago' comprehensive infrastructure improvement program," says Helmuth Ludwig, CEO of Siemens Industry, North America. "With more than 3,000 Siemens employees and 30 locations within Illinois, we too have a vested interest in helping the Chicago metropolitan area address its infrastructure needs through smart technologies."

The conversion from tradition systems to electric systems at SAPS will reduce carbon emissions by 17,380 tons each year, which is equivalent to yearly greenhouse gas emissions of 2,888 automobiles, according to Siemens.

SAPS has received $64.6 million in investments for the project. Completion of the project is set for July 2015.

Read the full press release on Siemens' website.