Panduit, Rockwell Automation Form Alliance to Optimize Industrial Networks

Oct. 19, 2012
Partnership Built to Drive Integrated Solutions to Market and Accelerate Adoption of Ethernet/IP Networks

Two companies are forming a partnership to speed up the adoption of Ethernet/IP networks. Rockwell Automation and Panduit announced that their newly established alliance is focused on driving integrated solutions that help companies be more reliable and safe, and will also assist them in the construction of a successful global physical network infrastructure.

"A strong alignment of Panduit and Rockwell Automation technologies and architectures simplifies network design and integration for our common customers," said Tom Donovan, president of Panduit. "Our combined capabilities reduce risk, operational costs and time-to-market."

The first phase of the collaboration will begin with implementing the proposed applications. Both companies will follow industry standards and best practices during the process. Once the plans are finalized, the two companies will educate their customers and provide them with assistance in the progress of the manufacturing and IT merger, according to Panduit and Rockwell Automation. They will then help in the launch of the new architecture.

"Our mutual customers need a robust, secure and future-ready Ethernet physical infrastructure for their industrial environments," said John McDermott, senior vice president of global sales and marketing at Rockwell Automation. "Together, we can now offer comprehensive logical to physical plant wide infrastructure solutions and architectures leveraging Ethernet/IP to provide the level of performance, manageability and security required for today's industrial networks."

Watch the Panduit and Rockwell Automation collaboration demonstration video: