Opto aPAC App Takes First Place for 'New Innovations'

Sept. 4, 2012
ISA Judges Recognize First Zero-Configuration Android App for Automation Control Systems

Authorized automation professionals who are equipped with wireless, Android-based tablets and smartphones can now receive real-time control system access and information from Opto 22's application for monitoring and managing the company's SNAP PAC system.

Opto aPAC received the first place award Thursday from ISA ExpoControl judges in the "New Innovations" category and was featured at the Pavilion of Technological Innovations.

The application can be used by control engineers, maintenance personnel, instrumentation technicians and panel builders to explore SNAP PAC controllers and I/O systems. Industry professionals will be able to view, troubleshoot and adjust the systems, making this application more cost-effective and less time-consuming during commissioning and regular maintenance.

It is the only Android-based mobile application currently on the market for automation and control that does not require initial configuration. Unlike other mobile HMI applications that need an operator interface built for the device, Opto aPAC instantly collects all data immediately once it is connected to the SNAP PAC control system.