MMA Acquires 1,000th Membership

June 22, 2012
Association Reaches Milestone at SEMICON China 2012

Mechatrolink Members Association (MMA) announced the group reached its 1,000th member since its establishment in October 2005.

The association was created to promote the use of Mechatrolink, an open protocol used for industrial automation, with 124 original member companies. The MMA advocates the most popular Mechatrolink-II and the Ethernet physical-layer compliant, high-speed Mechatrolink-III.

Promotional efforts in Asian, European and American markets within the first six and a half years of MMA's establishment earned the group 900 member companies. There has been a recent increase in memberships from China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan, according to the MMA, making the association the largest networking group in Asia that promotes a motion control open network.On March 20, 2012, MMA exhibited at SEMICON China 2012 in Shanghai and received 37 company memberships, which earned the association its 1,000th member. The milestone breaking member is a CNC controller manufacturer in Beijing.MMA predicts to achieve 2,000 members by the end of 2014.